On Beauty and Pairing Off: Can a Six Ever Make It With An Ace?

Genius, I could never be able to explain it so well!!

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mona ace

You’re one of fifty-two people who mill about in a large room.  Each of you holds a playing card against your forehead.  No one knows their own card, but you can see each other’s.  The goal of this little game is to pair off with the highest card possible, but to accomplish this, your request for partnership has to be accepted by the other.  Of course the Aces and Kings are the most popular and they pretty much know right away that they’re the cream of the crop.  It’s instant mutual acceptance when an Ace requests to partner with another Ace.  It works fairly quickly with the Kings as well.  By the time this experiment is over, for the most part, Aces have paired with Aces, tens with tens, sixes with sixes, and twos with twos.

It must be kind of depressing being a two, being the last in the…

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Something funny

Ok, this thought hit me while I was scrolling through my twitter feed and seeing a friend’s post with a photo of an attractive girl who was some famous video gamer. The caption was something along the lines of how this girl was so hot and how it would be great to date her because she’s a gamer and incredibly pretty. And I have no statement to make about that, she was pretty attractive.

But then I realized that, while some group of girls is a minority and is hated on for a while, they turn into something rare and oddly appealing. There was once a time that I remember when it was unacceptable for a girl to play video games because once upon a time, it was seen as something only guys do. Now every girl wants to become a gamer, and every guy wants to date one. I can name so many other instances like this, which are

  • Tall girls in the olden days were considered weird and a burden because they had practically no future to be with a guy. Then somehow, taller women started to be seen as great and guys wouldn’t mind getting with them
  • Women from the ghetto, or ratchet as we now call them are all the rage and even girls, who were meant to be prim and proper, not at all suiting the ratchet look, try their hardest to be.
  • At the moment, they’re trying to bring curves back so while pudgy girls were being shamed on, guys all of the sudden start coming out, claiming that that is what they really like

These are just a few, and please don’t get me wrong, I think all of these women are unique and beautiful (except being tall because I’m 6’0 and I hate myself every damn day because of it). I’m just trying to point out a pattern.

Now my question is really why? Anyone care to answer it…

Stay fashionable, my darlings.


What this blog is to me

You don’t have to read this, but if you’re like me and read anything you see especially self-development stories, this might be for you.

This blog started its adventure in Fall of 2010. I knew of the young fashion blogger Tavi before but then my aunt told me I could hypothetically do the same thing, and possibly achieve the same success. But you know what they say, things like these happen spontaneously and you can’t count on them. When I started this blog I was an annoying, attention craving 12 year old, starting 7th grade and thinking I was far wiser and life experienced than I could possibly be. Obviously I wasn’t, I was simply annoying and thinking back, I’m not sure how people were able to deal with me.

Back then I was a crap writer too, clearly. To be honest, I am so disgusted at myself back then that I try to cut all ties to those times. What was sort of interesting was going back to the very first post I made and read up to the latest.

I must say, my writing style became better. I don’t reccommend doing it because most of my old posts I deleted for stupidity. There used to be posts about my “so unfortunate” life which was actually just fine. Posts about losing friends because I was so annoying and so on. They’re gone, the posts. Plus I don’t think that many people go all the way back ever. So don’t bother.

This blog is no longer a project like it was at first to get discovered. It would obviously be nice, but that’s not what I’m working for here. Now I post to enlighten people, to bring certain topics to mind. I write to entertain people and who knows? Maybe someone will find me like this.

I’m glad to have this blog as a teacher because maybe I progressed the way I did as a person for this blog. Before WordPress I never cared for writing. It was something I was always worse at because English was my second language and we were never allowed to write non-fiction in class. What we always wrote for as long as I remember was either fiction (remember those irritating picture prompts in grade school?) or persuasive essays. What sucked even more was having to write those persuasive essays without any figurative or lively language, just stating facts and proving your point. So my excelleration in the writing aspect wasn’t brought on by English classes in school. I needed new topics for my blog so I started reading more about fashion. When I read more I started using reasoning to find logic in why things were the way they were. Not to toot my own horn but I feel like that’s what’s best about my little blog. Rather than just posting pictures and writing what’s in and out this season, I like to explain why. Because that’s what fashion is. There isn’t just some random old farts sitting at a table telling us what’s in randomly. Fashion is a carefully selected art, science that has hundreds of highly trained pros working behind the scenes. Fashion is influenced by so many other things that are deemed Godly important like economy and the general state of the world. To me, this isn’t something to be taken lightly.

And now this finding reason behind everything helps me everywhere. Basically, this here blog was just a huge tool in many places of my life. Maybe I got older with it because lots of people on WordPress aren’t messed up high school students but adults with serious problems. I read all of your blogs and I see how you deal with life, making me try to be like you. I’ve had my share of flipping out over stupid small things when I started this blog and I’m ready to grow up. You can see that I have and its thanks to all of you.

Thank you, for giving a mindless tween time and chance to prove herself and grow. People in real life wouldn’t have done that, but thanks to this being more anonymous, you’ve given me time to grow up and now even listen to me, at least once in a while 😉
Thanks to every person who took the time to read anything of mine.
Stay fashionable, my darlings.


The Notebook is just a ripoff of the Great Gatsby

gatsby-original-cover-artI was recently watching the Notebook with my cousin when it hit me that it was a complete and utter replica. And here is why:
The story starts out with a rich girl and a poor boy falling in love and having a summer fling. The parents of the rich girl disapprove of the girl and say hes not for her, much like Daisy’s mother disagreed with Daisy’s choice of the impoverished James Gatz.
They separate, and a world war hits, the first one in Gatsby and the second in the Notebook. The poor guys leave to war and the girls try to move on. While they are away and getting their start in life, the girls manage to find someone else (Lon/Tom Buchanan) who are rich and sophisticated. They get engaged and seem happy until recently before the wedding, they find out both guys are well and alive. In fact, in both stories the girls flip out and sit depressed in bath tubs!
To both Noah and Gatsby, the girls are what they exist for. Each believes that if they achieve this success, they’ll get the girl but even when they do like when Gatsby gets so rich and Noah has the house, Daisy and Allie still choose the other guys.
When I figured all this out my mind was blown. So much for originality Notebook creators!
But you know something? The Great Gatsby seems so much more poetic and philosophical though the events are the same. I guess it’s because Gatsby wasn’t sappy, the fact that he does makes it realistic and the story doesn’t end at him getting the girl. Daisy encompasses his green light, and when he finally has her in his arms, he still hasn’t reached the green light. I guess what makes it even better is that Gatsby didn’t just want the girl, in fact the girl probably simbolized the life he wanted. As his father said, Gatsby wasn’t cut out for the poor life he lived and even as a kid he strives for success and to be part of the elite.
So here’s the difference, Gatsby was about achieving a life goal, the Notebook is about achieving your “love” interest. I guess that’s why it was overall better.


The actual standard of beauty, chill out its all done for you

00260mI don’t know if you’ve noticed this, I think most have, but have you ever realized how nowadays magazines and generally anything that requires modeling takes less attractive models and faces to represent companies? Is it just because people are blind and can’t see that Kate Moss or all the other famed models are simply unattractive?
No, those in charge of advertising see perfectly well, but choosing uglier models actually has its purpose. The advertising business is young, and hasn’t even been alive a century, therefore they’re still learning and learned best from their mistakes. When advertising just started and was booming, between the 20’s and 60’s, they made a huge error by making the standards of beauty actually gorgeous. Vivien Leigh, Marilyn Monroe, and Liz Taylor were choices they must have regretted because all of these women were like heaven dwellers, and no one could be like them. When they wore things and made them look amazing, regular women couldn’t compare, and the companies didn’t sell as much.
Of course they saw this, and understood that what they need are standards and idols that look like the masses, not truly beautiful people that can’t be reached by anyone. So they chose women that are easily recreated and many people resemble. In the March issue of Elle, somewhere far back into the issue, they covered Kim Kardashian and about how stunning and iconic she is. They said something about no longer needing the girl-next-door type, but more of the seductive vixen. However in all reality, they only use her because lots can be like her. She’s a mere 5’2 and incredibly curvy, actually no where near the supposed tall and slim standard everyone complains about. Due to her proportions and shape, many feel they could be like her. Now I’m not saying that she’s damn unattractive, plastic surgery is a beautiful thing, and she had luck with it so fine. But at the same time, she isn’t Vivien Leigh, and perhaps she is just the better looking version of women her type. She passes for many nationalities so more women could be like her.
And as time progresses, models are less attractive and not as tall or thin. So I’d really like all of those who say “Oh my God, society is so cruel, like everyone is beautiful in their own way and they only show us perfect people, I’m so self conscious waaah” pipe the eff down. BS they already choose everyone to match you and look more like you. Truly gorgeous women still exist and aren’t taken as models because all they’ll do is lower selling rates. Consider it because most of society isn’t generally gorgeous. Sorry to burst the bubble. But everyone had their good sides, I just don’t understand why everyone is so crazed on being beautiful. We don’t say that everyone is smart, and same goes for beauty. Rather than getting all hyped up on being considered beautiful, look for other good qualities in yourself because you have them.

Stay fashionable, my darlings.

Grand Opening Of Kardashian Khaos At The Mirage Hotel & Casino

Torn between places

I’m only 15 years old. I’m not sure why I’m so keen on looking for apartments and deciding on a place to live, as I’ve got another 3 years of being stuck where I am. I guess this post won’t be much about fashion, more of my thinking  about the numerous places tugging at my heart. Those who I see liking and showing up on my blog most often, this is one of the things you read only if you want to since it probably won’t contain much useful information.

Currently, I’m torn between Los Angeles, Quebec city and Amsterdam.

losangelesLos Angeles is where people go to chase their American dream. I have one, but I won’t tell you it because one thing I learned from Cinderella was that you can’t tell your dreams to people, or else they won’t come true…pretty much we Russians would call this sglaz. I don’t know what it is about this place that pulls me in. I’ve never been there, and all I know about it is that they’ve got lots of drugs, aspiring actors and actresses and its supposed to be warm and sunny all year round. I like it…Maybe its the idea of being around famous people, and it just seems like a cool place to reside in. Are there any cons? Sure, there are 1,000 reasons to move to a place and a thousand reasons to leave it. What are the cons that I see? Well, perhaps starting out there will be difficult and what my mom is most worried about is the earthquakes that they get. I don’t know, for some reason earthquakes don’t scare me.

imagesQuebec city is awesome! I just came back from there yesterday and it was epic. I somewhat speak French and the place itself reminds me a lot of Europe, and if you know anything about me, its that the one place I definitely belong in is Europe. I like America, a lot but I just don’t fit in here possibly due to my mindset or I don’t know. It probably wasn’t meant for me. Canada has cheap schools and decent priced living space! With me being the person who believe college isn’t the reason you were born and generally isn’t that important, Canada’s schooling will suffice.



Impression Amsterdam 1_photo used on flyerAhh Amsterdam, how I’ve missed you. Well this one is more obvious, everyone is tall. I’m 6′ and when walking around Amsterdam, its as if I’m with my people. The Dutch are so incredibly laid back, they’re sweet and not stuck up, they’re great. The problem is its generally cold there and rains a lot. Plus I heard they have job problems so we’ll have to probably cross Amsterdam off the list for now.

So far I guess its between LA and Quebec city.

Stay fashionable, my darlings.

The von Dee summer essentials list

Hello world, aren’t you glad its summer? I am! But lesbihonest summer is a difficult time to battle both beauty and clothing-wise. Everyone’s face starts glistening and we women don’t enjoy it, the air gets excruciatingly humid and clothes starts sticking to us in ways we wish it wouldn’t. Because of these factors, many women opt out of following fashion and resort to sweat shorts, tees and no hair and makeup done whatsoever. Is this correct? Definitely no, positively no, decidedly no! Uhuh. So here are my tips to stay beautiful all summer long without resorting to the lesser glamorous.


Hair in the summer becomes gross, anything you do with any kind of hair goes away soon enough. I think the reason why I got this pixie cut last year was because I was so tired of constantly wiping off sweat from the back of my neck every couple minutes (not as poised as you thought, I bet). But how can a girl’s summer pass without long luscious locks when all of justgirlythings on tumblr is glorifying your long hair and shunning short hair?

My first tip would be, get a hair cut and let it grow out over time, so by the time its fall, your hair is long again. Other things you could do with it is try the messy bun look which I find to be great, or go for all kinds of cute braids. The problem with just picking up hair into all these summery styles is that some hair types just can’t. Either your hair is too frizzy or too thick, so unless you have straight thin hair, I guess you, like me need to work a little harder.

Beach-Hair-101Not to fear, there are other things for you to do besides cutting you hair. In all honesty, wearing your hair down and battling the sweat under your hair isn’t all too bad, from what I remember it was annoying but could be dealt with. The worst part was that when you styled it with all kinds of gels and what not, it would poof up and look horrendous. I remember a phase in my life where every Godly day I’d straighten my hair, and one time me and the fam went to Cancun where its also terribly humid. Every evening I’d straighten my hair, pour out tons of hair spray on it and after 20 minutes, the hair underneath the top would curl again and I don’t think I could even describe how ridiculous I looked. So for starters, don’t do any type of heat treatment on your hair, as it will go away in less than half an hour with all of the sweat/humidity in the air.

Really the best look for the summer for anyone with long hair is a wave spray to make your hair look effortless yet stunning. Even those with heavy thick hair will look great.


With the idea of sweating all day long, makeup might be the most difficult of the triple entente (hair, clothes, makeup) because it feels like it gets the most disgusting throughout the summer. So pick out makeup and looks very well, and take constant mirror breaks to touch up and check your self. According to MissJessicaHarlow, the famous youtube beauty guru, she claims that creamy makeup is the best, as it sets into skin, rather than powder which just sits on top and must be reapplied constantly. BB creams are a big thing in America and are considered a beauty staple. Its like a tinted moisturizer that has sun protection which with the recent skin cancer scare became really important. They say the best one is the L’Oreal Youth Code. I haven’t tried it, but they say the texture is the best and has a great after-effect which is most important. I did invest in one, but I end up using it more as an eye base since I’m generally against foundations and concealers.

beauty-the-body-shop-honey-bronze-summer-collectionBronzer is obviously a big thing during the summer, especially in US where being tan is huge. I have the Honey Bronze from the Body Shop and compared to a sample I receiver from Elizabeth Arden, it takes the cake. When choosing a one make sure to ask a consultant because if you get a shade that’s too dark you’ll look like a fool.

When doing eye makeup, especially using shadows make sure to apply some form of primer so the eye shadow stays longer and looks better. For my summer look I go for Chanel eye shadow, MAC gel liner followed by a Shisheido pencil and topped with Maybelline Mega  Plush mascara. I’d definitely recommend investing in a water proof mascara so summer’s ways don’t get you.

Lip stains always seem more appealing in the summer, though lip gloss looks great, I just hate the way it feels while I have it on. Lighter shades all the way!


Easiest of all. I spend most of my days being unholy according to Leslie Ludy in denim shorts or in summer dresses. Shorts aren’t for everyone and for those on the heavier side, I’d say go for pretty dresses and rolled up cropped pants to look perfectly styled. Try not to go for anything synthetic because its easy to see sweat stains through it, it sticks and doesn’t allow your body to breathe much so stick with cotton and silk.

Stay fashionable, my darlings.

P.S. I can’t stress this enough, sun screen is so very important. Make sure to invest in a good one, especially for the face. UV rays are also responsible for aging skin. You’ll still get a nice tan while using sun screen, you just won’t get burnt. For best results: Neutrogena


Religious views in fashion: Will there ever be equality between genders?

Leslie_LudyRecently, I’ve been stumbling more and more upon the name Leslie Ludy. Leslie Ludy is a Christian author trying to set girls for the right direction to act more lady-like, discover Christ in them selves and so on and so forth. As cute as this all sounds, while reading her book Answering the Guy Questions I was shocked at how sexist and irrational this all is. Disclaimer: We at People For Fashion are not discriminating against any groups, this is simply an observation made that should be brought to other’s attention.

I think we’ve all noticed how as fashion progresses, so does the lack of clothing. But it always has, if we started with wearing full-gown togas, every century afterwards started to take more liberties with fashion. Corsets in the 17th century were tightened to suffocation and were made pretty low-cut to accent the feminine figure. And in years to follow it only became worse, with the occasional bringing back like say in the yearly 20th century or during the whole hippie movement. I’m not sure how much more openly one can possibly dress after this generation, because we are practically nude. Booty shorts, sheer low cut shirts with a bandeau isn’t much clothing.

Modesty at its prime

Modesty at its prime

What most amazed me when my friend first told me about Answering the Guy Questions was that Ludy believes in modest dressing, and that women shouldn’t show any part of their body that is for her future husband’s eyes only to see. Which immediately crosses out daisy dukes and bandeau/tank tops of today. She also claims that dressing modestly is to not show curves, as that is just as sensual, if not more sensual than just showing skin. Then she said something along the lines of young women dress the way they do today because society makes it seem that if they aren’t Victoria’s Secret Angels they won’t be noticed by guys and its society’s fault for making young guys so sex-crazed. The cherry on top seemed to me that she also claimed that wearing a bikini to the pool or beach is most wrong because why show so much skin to absolute strangers, since that’s a part of the female body only her husband can see. I mean, what level of sexism is this? We as women don’t belong to our husbands! That makes it sound as if he bought her as a sex slave to see these sensual parts of her body. If I want to wear practically nothing, I damn straight will and its not necessarily for the attention of men. Women don’t dress for guys, they dress to impress other women, so guys, get over yourselves.

A woman should have the right to dress however she wants to, regardless of who’s eyes she’ll be seen by. Its a shame that feminists fought so hard for our equality, and BS like this is being published today, saying a woman must dress to honor her future husband. But you think this is all the inequality in the book? Wait, there’s more.

-“Every young girl (until she is brainwashed by our culture’s feminist agenda) dreams of a heroic knight who will slay the evil dragon on her behalf and carry her away to his castle” (Ludy 25). So how was this feminist agenda born then? If feminism was started by women and EVERY girl dreams of being rescued away by her knight in shining armor, did this feminist idea just get planted by some outside source? No, believe it or not, there are women out there who want to slay their own dragon, rather than wait for someone else to do it. I don’t know if that’s anyone’s actual fault, it might just be women being tired of having to rely on their husband. And more power to you, we’ve come too far with feminism to now be starting to make our way back under the rock.

-“Our marriages languish because men aren’t standing up and actually being men” (Ludy 29). Or your marriages are languishing because love became more casual nowadays. Its accepted to sleep with strangers, or have a friends with benefits relationship. Not that that is any good, but you can’t say its just the men’s fault. There’s plenty to do with women as well. Just admit that finding the love of your life isn’t an easy task and may even take a few tries to get it right. No one wants to take them, everyone wants to get it right on the first try, but like many things in life, not everyone gets lucky on the first round. Try, try again.

-“It’s every woman’s dream to be heroically protected and defended by a strong and noble man” (Ludy 38). What is with this woman’s generalizing? How is it so hard to see that some women don’t want other’s doing the work for them, I’ve met lots of great women along my life who’ve faced difficult times like being widowed or divorced or simply not taken as a wife and had their own kids who did all the work on their own. Yes, it was difficult but they protected themselves and their children without relying on someone else. In fact, it is these women who fight bravely while alone that I applaud rather than the ones who can’t live a year without being in a relationship. Fairy tales were meant to be in books and there’s no good trying to recreate them in life. If they came true, we’d call them biographies.

-“For a guy to be the warrior-poet God intends him to be, he must be set free to be a man [we must be swift as a coursing river, with all the strength of a great typhoon, with all the force of a raging fire, mysterious as the dark side of the moon!!! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself]. In a marriage that means he’s allowed to be the leader” (Ludy 63). Disregarding my awesome breaking into song, why should he be the leader? What has he done that proves him to be more capable? Of course, I don’t necessarily want a wimp of a husband, but I don’t want him to say “You harlot, back to the kitchen”. Seriously, its the 21st century, I have the right to make decisions for myself and not nod my head like a sheep when my husband speaks to me. We’re supposed to be equals, as it turns out, women are just as intellectual and able as men to work and make decisions. I don’t understand what other right he has besides being my husband that allows him to speak and decide on my behalf, I am not a child, and reason just as well as him.

There were other smaller things that bothered me in this book, but these took the cake. The one thing I must say is that perhaps this book wasn’t meant for girls like me, who have other visions for their life. This is the set-apart girl’s guide to relating to the opposite sex, and I’ll assume by set-apart they mean hard-core Christian, which sure I’m Christian but clearly not to this extent.

If any of you are interested in hearing more about why women are less worthy than men and how gays ruin the male population, you can look up Answering the Guy Questions  by Leslie Ludy.

Stay fashionable, my darlings.

P.S. Once again, this isn’t to say Christians are worse, in fact, they are a religion quite equal and I do think this is just an exception.

American style today (happy independence day!)

lasWhatup you wild flamingos?! I’d like to start this post with a big happy independence day to everyone residing in America and a big thank you for the American acceptance of the immigrants because after all, I am an immigrant and your’s is the hospitality I’ve been enjoying over the past years. Though I must say immigrants are the building blocks of America, yet the past immigrants developed into the ever changing civilization of America, you’ve done a damn well job at taking us in.

As a special thanks to all of you lovely Americans and those who dream of being seen as an American, I dedicate this post to how to dress with the American charm. Most of our inspiration will be coming from the great Lana Del Rey as she is the American starlet and who most openly admitted her love for the traditional America. Therefore, ladies drop your ridiculous sports wear, you’re not fooling anyone into thinking you’re “obsessed with working out” and guys, you got some cleaning up to do as well. Enjoy!

So, I want to be and American (there are several ways):

outfit_large_012a5183-119d-4bb0-80a5-d067c7d2c187The most modern and hip (look at that handy dandy word) look of an American girl today is high rise blue destroyed denim shorts, a loose fitting white shirt tucked loosely into the shorts, and converse. I got myself a cute pair from the allstar converse one with white stars on a blue background, but I’d say regular red ones would look just as nice if not better. For a guy it is as well sticking to regular wash jeans, a white tee and Vans, not converse. I’m not sure why but I absolutely hate guys in converse. As for the beauty category, girls should keep their hair as near natural as possible, definitely down and light makeup, only with some eyeliner/mascara. Guys can have a more shaggy hair style and don’t need to be as neatly shaved. Pretty much, the goal look here is California chasing the American dream, and getting your freedom.

But its understandable why some wouldn’t choose that option. Another more accepted look to portray us Americans in the best light is a more cool, casual, preppy look. It is what Mike Jeffries would claim to be what Abercrombie is meant to provide. And say what you will about him being a douche canouche for discriminating, he’s a business genius. We want to show why everyone wants to be an American: for the comfortable life. As if we are so wonderful just on our own. When I went to interview for Abercrombie and Fitch, they told us that you wear as little makeup as possible and look cool so everyone thinks that’s the way you just are. This look is pretty simple to complete, just put on a casual sweater, jeans, look as clean as you can and there, that’s the casual American for you.

There, now you know how to look like an American in a good way, so drop your North Face sweaters, running Nike sneakers, loose fitting tees and sweat pants. Let’s put our best feet forward!

Stay fashionable, my darlings.